You can check out the rules of golf at these sites
R & A St Andrews
United States Golf Association
Barry Rhodes, an internationally recognised expert on the rules of golf,
discusses interesting playing situations on his website.

How Do You Compare  With the Professionals?
Men: These  are  the averages of all USPGA touring professionals
Average score  71.33
Average driving distance  283.9 yards  = 259.6 metres
Average driving accuracy   61.78%
Greens in regulation  64.1%
Putts per round 29.18
Women: The USLPGA site doesn’t give overall averages but the figures closely approximate those  of the top 30 women.
Average off the tee  is approximately  260 yards = aprox. 237.6 metres
Accuracy off the tee approximately 75 %
Average score approximately 71
Putting is about the same as for the men
The top 30 women hit approximately 70% of greens in regulation

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