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Ladies Pennant: Glen Waverley Team 1  A Grade: an unsuccessful season but all players did their best each week. Our opposition were very strong. We had no emergencies so there was extra pressure to make sure that we all turned up each round. Team Captain Annette Tanner

Glen Waverley Team 2   GW2 C Grade: pennant team started really well with wins in the first three rounds, with thanks to our emergencies Gayle and Val. We had a close loss in our 4th round but unfortunately didn,t play up to our ability against Tirhatuan for game 5, but again we were close. We finished with a win at home for our last round. Congratulations to all players who did their best each week and proudly represented GW 2  Team Captain Marilyn Longworth

HOLE IN ONE:  Pat Quinn  12 th hole This is the third hole in one for Pat. Tuesday 8-5-18


“Great News”   You,ve finished your game.

You,re replaying the game over a drink with your friends in the clubhouse. Ever wished you could all know your results to discuss before you leave the club?  Easy done– just look at the TV screen up on the wall!   We now have real-time results available as your score is entered onto the system

From Phil O,Sullivan to all members

 Names of all Staff:

Head.  Phil O,Sullivan, Chris Palau, Paul Dessent, Gerard Burgess, Jason Penny (new), Tremanye Gallagher (new), and Daniel Shaw (apprentice)

Works: We will be doing new surrounds irrigation on 14th and 15th on the 21st May.

Virti draining fairways to help with drainage over winter.  We will be repairing the drainage in the first bunker over winter .   Regards Phil

Around the Course:

It seems a couple of weeks ago the aerators in the dam at the 9th TeeBox needed to be extricated for maintenance.  The process was almost completed and Big Phil leaned out to give the last heave when his rock perch rocked and he was joining the aerators in the very cold water.  Phil seemed to have stopped shivering when seen last Friday. He,He, He.