Change to Saturday Bookings

Now that the Sports Hub is fully operational, Bluefit is looking to maximise its revenue from both the golf and tennis facilities.

Bluefit has advised that it is receiving an increased number of enquiries from the public regarding golf bookings for Saturday mornings. In that regard, Bluefit is requiring that the Club provide it with details of the number of member bookings we have on Saturday mornings so that it can make any spare bookings available to the public.

Accordingly, to meet Bluefin’s requirements, we will be trialling the following changes to the Saturday bookings system.

As is currently the case, bookings for Saturday rounds will open at 7pm on Thursday, 9 days before the round – there is no change to how the bookings are made.
At 10am on the Thursday 2 days before the round, the booking sheet will be closed.
If you wish to make a booking for the Saturday once our booking sheet is closed, you will have to book your round directly with Bluefit (pro shop).

This trial will be introduced for Saturday, 1 June 2024.  For clarity, bookings for that Saturday will open at 7pm on Thursday 23 May and will close at 10am on Thursday 30 May.

Once you have made your books, the booking time should be considered an estimate of your tee time  and should instead consider the sheet as an order of play.

Please bear with us while we work through this trial.